Teach your children the value of money and help them develop good money habits for life.

Most parents want to raise children who are independent, understand the value of money, and know that working hard can provide not just financial reward but a sense of fulfilment.

Earned helps you manage your children's pocket money, allowances, and chores. Not only do your children learn valuable life skills to prepare them for life outside the family home, but it gives them valuable experience in managing their own money. This helps children to feel part of the family and it’s a great way to teach them about responsibility, ownership of tasks, and the importance of family teamwork.

Most children are delighted to spend your money on whatever they can get, but can be much more sensible when it comes to spending their own money. With Earned, you and your children can immediately see how many tasks they have completed and how much they’ve earned. They can then decide if this is a good thing to spend their hard earned money on. This helps them learn to budget, just like you do.

Make it fun, find ways to help your child earn money for themselves and then set small, achievable, short term savings goals.

Allowing them to earn, and spend their own pocket money is a great place to start.

Earned App - manage pocket money, allowances, and chores
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Stay in control, Earned has all the fancy features you could want to manage pocket money, allowances, and chores.

  • Create unlimited tasks, to do’s and even chores
  • Set values, completion dates, and auto repeat tasks
  • Remembers your most used values for easy selection
  • Assign multiple children to single tasks - get it done faster!
  • See who’s done what and who hasn’t
  • Notifications on new tasks and due dates
  • See total earned to date - no more arguments
  • View statements - money earned vs money spent
  • Manage tasks via notifications
  • No more ‘forgotten’ chores
  • Children get to spend their own earned money
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